A divorce is likely the biggest financial and emotional event that you will encounter. Every marriage is unique and likewise every divorce has its own issues that must be resolved. If there are no children, major assets, or debts involved, a divorce may be simple and straightforward and is sometimes handled without the assistance of counsel. Keep in mind that a divorce will be the final, legal end to the marriage and will settle all issues that are part of the marriage, so you need to be sure that you fully understand your rights and how any divorce settlement will impact you now and in the future.

Frequently asked questions:

What geographic areas do you work?

Our office is located in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. We accept clients from surrounding counties within reasonable driving distance.

Do I need to have fault grounds to get a divorce?

No. In North Carolina, an absolute divorce legally terminates the marriage. Parties may be granted an absolute divorce without fault grounds after one year of living separately and apart with the intent that the separation will be permanent. North Carolina also allows for fault-based divorce from bed and board. Marital faults by one or both parties may impact determination of items such as alimony and support. These issues are discussed in more detail below.