Why should I choose Dave Ervin as my construction attorney?

Prior to becoming an attorney, I had a career in construction and real estate development that spanned over twenty-five years. I owned and operated a regional construction and development firm that maintained over fifty employees. My company designed, developed, and built in excess of $100M of construction projects including houses and subdivisions, retail and office condominium complexes, industrial facilities and aircraft hangers, medial office complexes, schools, and motorcycle dealerships. I am intimately familiar with all phases of acquisition, engineering, design, sitework, constructio, leasing and sales.

I’m an owner of a current/future construction project. How can you help me?

Most contractors are good folks who conduct business honestly and fairly. But some contractors are unscrupulous and will prey on those who are not as knowledgeable. As a contractor, I always believed it was my obligation to be a partner with the project owner and to protect his interests. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with your contractor. I know the games that some contractors play and how to set up a deal at the outset to better protect the interests of the owner. Better yet, I can help avoid hiring the wrong contractor to start with.

From large commercial projects to home additions, how can you help me?

I can help with:

  • Bid evaluation and contractor vetting
  • Payment disputes/lien issues
  • Defective work and other contract breaches
  • Licensing and insurance issues
  • Jobsite injuries, damages, and other claims
  • Working with lenders and financing
  • Handling change orders
  • Delays and the resulting claims
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices

Your contractor holds most of the cards in your project through their superior knowledge and experience. I can help level the playing field and give you the tools to help keep your project on time and budget.

I'm contemplating developing a parcel of land. How can you help me?

Development is a dynamic business with a great deal of potential risk and reward. The key to successful development is to minimize as much risk as you can without sacrificing your profit opportunities. From zoning and planning to financing to construction logistics, a development project has many moving parts, any one of which can turn a project into a disaster if not handled properly. As a development attorney, I can help a project owner navigate the regulatory agencies, designers, contractors, and lenders that all play a part in the development process. Avoiding surprises; zoning issues, change orders, unforeseen construction conditions, and rate hikes is imperative to a succesful project. This is true whether you are building a retail complex, an office building, or even a single family home. I can come along side an owner for part or all of the development process to help with effective planning, administration, and dispute resolution. I have developed and built hundreds of thousands of square feet of space, often learning the hard way. Let my experience help save your project money and time.

What geographical location do you work with? I am based in Wilmington, but construction law is fairly portable. I work with contractors, owners, and developers anywhere in the state of North Carolina.