Don't Fret, Writing a Will Isn't That Bad.


I recently read a New York Times article about what it was like to finally write a will. Near the end of the article the author notes, "Now we have wills. One more worry is gone, or maybe it was a source of guilt. Or maybe it was just a nagging thought. I won’t be happy to die, but I won’t be tormented over leaving that particular loose end undone." If you're like most Americans, you either don't have a will or it is out of date and needs to be updated. The good news is that writing a will doesn't have to be a source of guilt or torment.

What if you could combine the ease of an online legal service provider with the experience of a licensed North Carolina attorney? Coastal Legal Counsel is changing the way traditional legal services are delivered by blending technology with legal knowledge to create value for our clients. The use of technology means that legal services are delivered in a more efficient manner, saving time and money. It also means that accessing legal services is much easier than it was before.

With our Digital Consult, the information gathering process necessary to prepare your estate plan is reduced to mere minutes. Following the Digital Consult, you will have the opportunity to consult with me, your trusted legal advisor, about your estate plan before your documents are finalized for signing and notarization. I will then provide you with PDFs of your estate plan and instructions for signing and notarizing your documents. You can also come into the office to sign and notarize your documents.

Our Basic Estate Plan consists of five documents: a will, a durable power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney, an advance medical directive or "living will", and a HIPAA release. These documents and legal services are also available individually. I also can assist you with creating and populating a trust. If you don't have your estate plan together, please call me so that we can work together in preparing your affairs. Like our author friend, you too will be able to rest at ease knowing that your affairs are in order. I look forward to working with you!