Do you have an estate? Don't answer that, it's a trick question! Everyone has an estate of some sort. If you don't tell it where to go, the State of North Carolina will do that for you. Unfortunately, intestacy law (when you die without a will) is not how most people want to dispose of their estate. Coastal Legal Counsel offers Estate Planning services for individuals of all income levels.

Do you own a business? Do you know what's going to happen to that business in 5 years? How about 10 years? Or what about when you die? Coastal Legal Counsel can advise you on succession planning strategies and create a bespoke business plan that works for you.

Estate Planning Services

  • Individual Estate Planning Documents, e.g., Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

  • Basic Estate Planning Package - Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, and HIPAA Release

  • Trusts - Revocable, Irrevocable, and Special Needs Trusts

  • Probate and Probate Consultations